Unclaimed Deposits

Unclaimed Deposits

Please have a look at my website. I’m a real person. I am a working actor. I have a real history. I have a real family (that’s us visiting Palm Springs below). I live in the Los Angeles area. I’d like to connect you to your lost money while keeping the lights on at home.

Like most actors trying to make a living acting, I spend time doing side gigs. One of them is tracking down the owners of unclaimed deposits. Unclaimed deposits are money that the government owes people but they have been unable to find them. Instead of hiring someone to find them, they just have to wait three years, publish a notice in that back of physical newspapers, wait 45 days and then put the money in the treasury. People who track down these owners are called Lost Asset Investigators.

The main problem is that when I call people telling them they have money waiting for them they think it’s a scam because, well, honestly, it sounds like a scam. I mean how often do you get random phone calls saying “You have money waiting for you” unless it’s from a Nigerian Prince! So, I’ve made it totally risk free for you.

The first step is to agree that after you collect your money, you’ll send me a 10% finder’s fee of what you collect. This only applies to money you did not already have real plans to recover before the deadline. This fee covers my time tracking people down and helping them through the claim process.

Next, I’ll tell you which government department that you’ll need to contact. I’ll give you their phone number but I encourage you to google the department to reassure yourself that it’s the actual government department.

They will walk you through how to claim your funds – filling out a form and verifying your identity.

Once they have sent you the funds, you’ll send me the finder’s fee. That’s it. If you recover nothing, I get nothing. Claiming the funds is between you and trusted government agencies and you don’t need to share any info with me. If you have any questions about the process, you can call me at 323-592-9399. It’s possible that I can do the claiming for you but it involves signing a contract like this and possibly getting it notarized.

Note that these are not assets held at the state controller’s office. Those assets can be searched here for free.

For a side gig, this is a good job because at the end of the day, I am helping people even though I get treated as a scammy telemarketer sometimes. I get it though, I get phone calls for extending my car warrantee almost every day. They’re really annoying.

Noosha Niv, Soraya and I at Galleta Meadows Sculptures in Anza-Borrego