Bastard Gets Glowing Review

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The horror film website Horror Society has published the first review of the horror feature I’m in that filmed last year, Bastard. I haven’t seen the film yet as the directors are planning a screening party but it sounds like it’s going to be epic:

“BASTARD is a triumph for independent horror. A breath of fresh air in a dying subgenre of horror. Cleverly written and well acted, BASTARD is gory and intriguing and will be a favorable part of anyone’s movie collection. Packed with old school horror techniques but unique in its storytelling, BASTARD is the best dramatic slasher film I’ve seen this year. Greer steals the show amongst a character driven storyline with a creeptastic killer. I can’t stop raving about this. It’ll definitely be one of the titles I’ll try to push to you guys in the future.”

Check out the rest of the article and ask for Bastard to show at your local theater! I can’t wait to see it myself and I’ll keep you posted on it’s availability or you can like and follow the Bastard Facebook page.

Congratulations to writer/directors Patrick Robert Young and Powell Robinson and to the rest of the cast and crew!

Bastard Poster