Watch Criminal Minds on April 2nd

To Survive

Criminal Minds episode 920, “Blood Relations” is airing April 2nd at 9:00pm on CBS. My main scene is in the teaser (the part before the main titles) so tune in early. I play Clark Howard who is a member of West Virginia family that is embroiled in a long-simmering feud with another local family. Things get ugly and the Criminal Minds team has to come in and figure it out.

It’s going to be a great episode. For starters, the script for this episode was written by co-executive producer, Breen Frazier, who is known for his intriguing episodes. This script is true to form and will keep you guessing until the end. Also, it was directed by Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Dr Spencer Reid on the show (the tall, fast-talking, kind of geeky agent). This is the seventh episode he’s directed and he pays such close attention to detail on every aspect of production that the results are seamless.

Working with Matthew was a joy. He has specific visions for his scenes in mind and is totally articulate with his descriptions which makes it easy for the actor to bring it to life. He also has a calm and patient presence which helps everyone stay focused when there is an inevitable problem on set (lighting, squeaky dolly wheel, uncooperative props, etc).

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think!

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