To Survive available on DVD

The post-apocalyptic thriller, To Survive, that we filmed back in 2012 is finally available on DVD through

The story is about a man named Jonathan who is on his own after the collapse of civilization. He spends his time just trying to stay alive – avoiding people to stay safe. Quite by accident he finds a family hiding out in a church who see in him a leader and soon Jonathan finds himself leading a growing group of good guys. Jonathan has to overcome the tragedy of his past in order to allow these new people into his life. Can he keep them alive in the face of constant danger?

This was my first lead role in a feature film and director Stephen Folker‘s first feature. We filmed it over three weeks in and around Davenport, Iowa. I prepared for the role by walking across Illinois just prior to filming. This was the route Jonathan took prior to the opening of the story and the solitude of the walk got me into Jonathan’s head space. The walk also generated press coverage for the film.

This film is now available with two day shipping and for under $10! If you liked The Road, or have interest in the post-apocalyptic genre then check this movie out.

To Survive Poster
To Survive on DVD